Leadership Development

Identify the fine-tunes or epic changes you may need to make to become a better leader

Reflective Tools

Reflective tools to build on your learning and insights from your leadership experiences to date

Mentoring and Coaching

What you absolutely need to get right to build a solid and successful coaching or mentoring relationship


A comprehensive guide to help you to lead or support a community group to meet its governance obligations

Life Balance + Wellbeing

Avoid the trap of ‘giving back!’ Leadership is also about being aware of your own needs, as well as the people who mean the most to you

Community Development

Establish or join communities of practice and action learning sets (including project co-design)

Personal Brand

Articulate the value of your personal strengths, experience and qualities

Member Benefits

For immediate and tangible benefits we have partnered with a ranges of providers to provide you with unique member options

Emergency Planning

Resources to assist you in finding resilience and planning for emergencies

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