Program Development & Delivery

  • Be able to demonstrate the need for your program, prepare a sound business case and design your whole program based on existing successful models
  • Have the tools to get the right people on board to advocate for your program, so that it’s supported at a number of levels
  • Develop multiple income streams through a targeted sponsorship strategy
  • Fill all places on your program using a range of tested promotional tools.


  • Be clear on where to focus your efforts to gain funding through using our strategy templates
  • Understand how to structure and target funding proposals
  • Identify a range of revenue generators beyond your primary funding source
  • Have the right management tools to make sure that your program funding is properly managed, further enhancing your reputation


  • Be clear on the roles and responsibilities of your Board
  • Select and develop organisational structure, policies and procedures to meet compliance requirements and operations
  • Have the tools to recruit, develop and manage staff
  • Recruit and effectively manage volunteers


  • Identify who to engage, when, for what reason and how using the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy templates can assist
  • Understand where to best invest your marketing resources using the Marketing Strategy templates
  • Have focused use of social media to provide quantified return on investment through a Social Media Strategy template

Program Impact

  • Program graduates reflections
  • Program promotional videos
  • Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) framework
  • Theory of Change
  • MERI Tools
  • Example dashboards

Facilitator Toolkit

  • Templates and tools program facilitators can utilise for program day development and delivery

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